Product testing

If you go shopping with your parents, you can read on the ingredients list exactly what’s inside the products in the supermarket.

produkto pagsubok санҷиши маҳсулот тестований продукт la prueba de mercancías test proizvod тестируемый продукт Testovaný výrobek การทดสอบผลิตภัณฑ์ азыктын сыноонун тест продукт ispitivanje proizvoda producttest Testni izdelek uji produk ürün testi produkto testus whakamātautau hua produkttest produkttest מבחן מוצר ujian produk Test produkt teste de produto produkts tests उत्पाद परीक्षण 제품 테스트 өнім сынақ məhsul test kiểm tra sản phẩm პროდუქტის ტესტირება test di prodotto test de produit tuote testi արտադրանքը փորձարկում тэстоўваны прадукт produkt-test Produkttest தயாரிப்பு சோதனை test de produs testovaný výrobok toode test ការធ្វើតេស្តផលិតផល test berhemên termék teszt پروڈکٹ کا ٹیسٹ නිෂ්පාදන පරීක්ෂා product test δοκιμή του προϊόντος test производ 製品テスト اختبار المنتج

But wheat is not always just wheat in the list – sometimes its components have other, special names that you have to pay attention to. Do not worry: they are always bold or underlined on the packaging so you can quickly find them even without special glasses.

It is a bit tricky with the “hint-hint”, so sentences like “may contain traces of wheat”, “may contain traces of egg” etc. For a full look just look at Practical tips – how do you recognize allergens? past.