Mycology Links

NCBI: The National Center for Biotechnology Information. Global depository for all things molecular; also PubMed.

Myconet: The current classification of the Ascomycota.

MycoBank: On-line database documenting mycological nomenclatural submissions.

Mycotaxon: A journal devoted to fungal systematics.

Mycologia: The United States journal of mycology.

Persoonia: A journal dedicated to the Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of the Fungi

Studies in Mycology: The CBS journal site with free PDFs of their publications.

Mycological Research: Mycological Research is the international research journal of the British Mycological Society.

Fungal Diversity: An international journal devoted to the biodiversity of fungi.

Mycological Society of America: The American scientific society dedicated to the study of fungi.

Intl Comm Fungal Taxonomy: An internatioal body responsible for taxonomic issues in mycology.

Intl. Mycol Assoc IMA: The International Mycological Association, unites diverse branches of mycology, with periodic international meetings (IMC Congress).

Mycology WWW Cornell: An extensive site listing many web resources related to mycology (not updated!).

AFTOL: The NSF funded “Assembling the Fungal Tree of Life”. This collaborative endeavor has resulted in our current classification of the Eumycota.

Tree of Life Web Project: A visually stunning and informative website devoted to the gobal phylogeny of all things living.

TOL Eumycota portal: A best introduction to the fungi on the web today! Interactive & compiled by leading authorities.

TOL Ascomycota portal: The Ascomycota portal for the Tree of Life.

TOL Hysteriales: My page on the Tree of Life re: the Hysteriales.

TOL Mytilinidiales: My page on the Tree of Life re: the new ascomycetous order, the Mytilinidiales (coming soon).

Centraal Bureau Schimelcultures (CBS): The global repository of microbiological cultures, located in Utrech, the Netherlands.

Fungal Genetics Stock Cntr: Another resouce for fungal cultures, centered mainly on genetic stock strains of model fungal systems.

African Mycological Association: Dedicated to the promotion of mycology within the continent of Africa.

Index Fungorum: Set up by the CABI Bioscience, the CBS & Landcare Research, a searchable database for fungal systematics, synonyms and nomenclature.

CABI Biblio Mycology: The CABI Bioscience Bibliography of Systematic Mycology.

Cyberliber Mycology: An electronic free library for mycology, with very rare texts available on line: 59650 bibliographic records & 151385 scanned images.

Lubrecht & Krammer: Rare botanical and mycological books.

Abe Books: Rare scientific books.

NYBG Fungal Herbarium: The New York Botanical Garden Fungal Herbaria: a number of historically important fungal herbaria are included.

BPI Herbarium: The United States USDA ARS National Fungus Collections with over one million specimens, the largest in the world! International forum for enthusiasts of the Ascomycota, outstanding contributor photos.

Pyrenomycetes of France: Currently only the Xylariaceae is listed, but promises to be a great resource. Outstanding photos.

Home of the Xylariaceae: Home of the Xylariaceae, with interactive keys and outstanding photos. What every mycology site on the web should look like!

Kendrick’s 5th Kingdom: Wonderful on-line mycology text book with hundreds of outstanding images.

Tom Volk’s Fungi: A great site for all things mycological. Must see.

Dr. Fungus: What’s that growing on my foot? The place to go for human mycological ailments.

The CDC: Need I say more?

WebMD: Better information, better health…

Street Photography in Israel: What’s this doing here? In my previous life, street portraiture with the Leica M camera was my passion. This link takes you there.