The genus Hysterocarina Zogg
Zogg, Ber. Schweiz. Bot. Ges. 59: 39-42 (1949)

by Eric W.A. Boehm

Zogg (1949) erected this monotypic genus for Hysterocarina paulistae Zogg, with pigmented dictyospores as in Hysterographium, but with the hysterothecia borne within the substrate, barely erumpent at maturity, and with a cristate slightly extroverted longitudinal apex or keel, instead of the invaginated sulcus typical of most members of the Hysteriaceae, as in the Mytilinidiaceae. Described from old wood of Eucalyptus in Brazil. The pigmented dictyospores measure 20-25 x 8-10 μm. The presence of an evaginated keel-like fissure in Hysterocarina is intriguing, as it seems to belong to an evolutionary trend that culminates in the Mytilinidiaceae and Gloniaceae. Clearly, molecular data are needed to resolve these issues.


 Hysterocarina paulistae Zogg, From Zogg (1962), pg. 88 & Fig. 11.