about us

EBOEHM advocates science, discovery and innovation for better health for all.

Food supplements can be good for your health, but they can also be a health risk. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have the authority to verify the safety and efficacy of food additives before they are sold.

Together with our member organizations representing a wide range of medical, health, and scientific fields, we pursue the following goals:

To provide funding for medical and health research from the public and private sectors at a level guaranteed by scientific opportunity and backed by public opinion.

It is best to inform the public about the benefits of medical and health research, as well as about the institutions that carry out the research.

Motivate the public to actively support medical and health research, as well as the complementary sciences that make progress possible.

To encourage and enable people in the research community to participate more actively in public and political life, in the interests of medical and health research, public health and science in general.

What We Do At EBOEHM

  • Advocacy: We advocate for active funding and policies that promote progress in medicine, health care, and research. We encourage our member organizations, their staff, individual members and other interested parties to do the same.
  • Leadership: We provide leadership to help ensure a strong and increased investment in national health institutions (communication – external). We also advocate for the establishment of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (externally referenced), the Agency for Health Research and Quality (externally referenced) and the National Science Foundation. We are working with the Alliance for a Stronger FDA to ensure that this important agency receives the resources it needs.
  • Advocacy: We provide opportunities for human rights advocates across the country to partner and communicate with specific objectives and other resources to build consensus on research issues and conduct their own advocacy campaigns among elected officials, the media, business leaders, colleagues, and local communities.
  • Public Opinion Surveys: We assess Americans’ attitudes toward medicine, health care, and research.
  • Public Education: We produce reports, fact sheets, position papers, and other publications to raise awareness about research issues, promote the importance of research investment, and facilitate effective collaboration among the country’s public, industrial, academic, and charitable research sectors.